SilQ Labs Aim To Make Hair Removal Pain-Free and Convenient With At Home Laser IPL Device

November 25 22:28 2020

Vancouver – November 25, 2020 – SilQ Labs has launched a Proline model of a Home Laser IPL Hair Removal device to meet the high hair removal demands of the modern person. The device offers the latest technology in laser IPL hair removal to effectively manage body hair while minimizing common issues associated with traditional force hair removal methods such as ingrown hair bumps and razor burns. SilQ Labs Proline Laser IPL model does this painlessly and safely with built-in safety features. All devices are manufactured to high standards with CE and RoHS certifications.

“We want to disrupt the hair removal industry with more widespread usage. Our mission is to offer the best home hair removal option affordably to millions of women who have had enough of traditional, sometimes painful, force hair removal methods,” said Daniel Tan, President of SilQ Labs. “Conventional effective hair removal was either painful or too expensive. We are delighted to bring innovation to customers with pain-free, affordable, and effective home hair removal.”

SilQ Labs Home Laser IPL Hair Removal devices are changing the way people remove body hair. Superior long-lasting results that was once painful with waxing or expensive with laser hair removal clinics are no longer the only options for the discerning, modern person. With today’s technological innovations, customers can now take home the previously expensive device only used in Laser Hair Removal Clinics. This is great news for the majority of women who shave and a growing number of men as well.

At Home Laser IPL hair removal technology is forecast to be one of the fastest growing product categories in hair removal for it’s long lasting effects, painless usage, and easy accessibility and affordability. Many people are not aware that IPL laser devices are now available to be bought and used at home. SilQ Labs’ objective in 2021 is to make Laser IPL hair removal device better known and available to more consumers.

“It’s really a technological marvel and no reason why anyone should be still shaving or waxing in this modern day. Whether it be the perception that it is expensive, or concern over safety and effectiveness, we want to change all that with better consumer education about our product,” said Tan. The High Intense Light flashes from SilQ Labs Quartz Xenon bulb is calibrated to target the melanin in the hair follicle while leaving skin and other lighter color cells alone. With repeated exposure to IPL over several weeks, the hair regrowth becomes dormant or slowed considerably. In as little as 2 months, customers will need less sessions and will not need to shave or wax again with maintenance IPL sessions. Maintenance sessions once every couple of weeks will target hair before they grow resulting in smoother skin with minimal or no hair follicle visibility.


SilQ Labs is already on the way to creating larger awareness of home laser IPL hair removal innovations with worldwide distribution and sales reports the company.

About SilQ Labs:

SilQ Labs is a forward leading skincare and beauty brand with a focus on the latest hair removal products. Our lifestyle driven approach means that the products that we carry must improve the life of customers or help them solve common issues and problems. We value quality and great customer service.

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