The Book on Boundless Courage: How to Overcome the Challenges of a Relationship or Get Out of it! By: Jacinth Salmon-Brissett

February 05 03:06 2021

In The Book on Boundless Courage: How to Overcome the Challenges of a Relationship or Get Out of it!,Jacinth Salmon-Brissett dives into the journey of relationships and gives readers the tools and strategies to access and manage their own, personal relationship. As part of the journey, Jacinth also touches on how to address unhealthy friendships and what to do if an affair or bond needs to end.

“My own relationships were not healthy, and I learned many critical lessons about myself and others through the process. By sharing these lessons, my goal is to help youmake your relationships work and to guide you in finding how to fix unhealthy habits and routines. This book is meant to be a guide to return your relationship to stability and health, even after extremely difficult challenges.” Said Jacinth Salmon-Brissett, while talking about the book.

Today, with the release of The Book on Boundless Courage, Jacinth shares that information with the world. She reveals useful ideas for addressing stubborn communication issues, and persistent infidelity. She also gives guidelines to help readers determine if or when a relationship needs to end. In addition, she also discloses the techniques she personally uses to maintain her peace even when emotions in the relationship are running high.

Jacinth is an educator, author, and entrepreneur. She was born in the 1950s, with a hunger to read and write. Her path led to education, particularly focusing on facilitating and accommodating the diverse learning styles of her students. From her work with families from a variety of backgrounds, Jacinth grew her bank of knowledge and tools necessary to fortify interpersonal relationships. Every chapter includes practical steps to address relationship issues and helps readers overcome unavoidable challenges. She also dives into the importance of a person changing their own, internal reactions before focusing on their partner’s speech and actions.

“Healthy relationships are built upon healthy interactions with individuals who are part of our life and our world. When we choose words and actions that attract others to us, we contribute to the harmony that debars those elements of division that hinder the growth of our relationships. The joy and happiness we seek in our relationships hinge on the decisions that we choose to make and, uncover what our personal blocks are. This is just the first step in progressing the success of our prized relationships.” She added.

Jacinthcurrently lives in Canada, where she continues to work with students in the teaching profession. Her hope is that The Book on Boundless Courage will help readers tap into their own power and ability to create positive changes in their life and relationships.

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