Pepper Attack: NFT based real time strategy game pays players crypto-tokens to play

September 10 05:33 2021

September 9th, 2021 – With preliminary gameplay starting on September 30th, Pepper Attack, a new real time strategy game gives players an opportunity to earn cash for playing the game. Players simply need to own a “Mystic Pepper” to join the fun.

Players compete with NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) armed fighters with profiles resembling peppers with attitude. Habanero, Ghost, and other peppers cut, slash, and fight their way through dungeons, and more.

The remaining 6,000 Mystic Pepper NFTs will be available on September 17th for purchase for the final time. Only 10,000 players will have the opportunity to mine for the precious metal MYTE, inside of the pepper world.

The first round of Mystic Peppers was made available to early adopters for a brief period of time this past July, but sales were quickly halted to allow a larger player base to join in the fun. Approximately 4,000 were quickly claimed, and the remaining 6,000 will be distributed in this final event.

This final opportunity to acquire a Mystic Pepper at its base cost (without the large secondary market cost increase) will be deemed “Pepper Palooza”, starting on September 17th. Pepper Palooza is a two-week web event with games, prizes, rewards, contests, and the release of much-anticipated news and gameplay updates.

While most video games either cost $30 to $50 to play and then you can earn other skins (character looks) and weapons in the game, or they are free to play and then additional items cost money, Pepper Attack will allow players to earn the crypto token MYTE within the game. MYTE, the utility and currency token of the game itself, will be tradable for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other crypto tokens. To mine MYTE, players have to own a Mystic Pepper NFT.

After the quick success of the initial release and growing community of passionate fans, game developers have sped up the efforts and game development. The first playable stage of the game will be the mining of MYTE (the most important to many). Soon after, player stories, PvP, a marketplace, dungeon crawling, and all aspects of the game will be completed.

The community, self-titled the “Pepperfam”, is a tight-knit community who are more than just fans. The community provides valuable feedback and has had a substantial influence on the direction of the game. As the game, roadmap and tokenomics (the financial plan for earning) has been developed, some community members have not only been asked to consult on the game, but have been hired as well.

In addition to being able to earn passive income mining in the game, players will also be able to trade their Mystic Pepper NFTs on the open market. Websites unrelated to the game itself, as an example “OpenSea”, an NFT marketplace, allows players to buy and sell Mystic Peppers on their own. Pepper owners fortunate enough to get a Pepper in the first round have already made a considerable profit reselling their characters.

The game roadmap promises the money-making mining of MYTE at the end of September, additional gameplay in December, and then the complete storyline and dungeon adventures soon after.

For more information, or to take part in the “Pepper Palooza” event on September 17th, visit Pepper Attack’s official website at and join the Pepperfam on Discord, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

Pepper Attack is a 10,000 NFT collection that combines artistic NFT collecting, with exciting gameplay. It is a real-time strategy game with token-earning mechanics that will reward players for investing in their NFTs.

Pepper owners will drive the game economy by mining, training, and participating in battle.

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