Precious Lindiwe Nthibogelang, Passionate to empower women

September 14 13:00 2021
“Know your truth, be your truth, live your truth!” Simple words by Lindiwe reflect her philosophy towards life and coaching.

The true challenge that each of us faces is discovering and revealing one’s true self and purpose, finding our own value, and leading a content life with these truths is a daunting one. Often, we are alone in this journey, but it would certainly be made easier by a mentor or a life coach. Lindiwe Coaching and Development aims to provide that guidance and positive regard that leads each of its clients to live a better life. By employing a tailor-made client-centered approach for each of their clients with the understanding that as humans we are all collectively unique in our own right, they believe that every human being is precious, a gem worthy of being understood without any judgement. They provide life coaching services in line with these assumptions.

The Founder and CEO of Lindiwe Coaching and Development, Lindiwe Nthibogelang, is a Self-Discovery and Development Coach. A member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) and having completed a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Analysis and Management, Lindiwe knows that her purpose is to help ambitious soul-driven women discover their purpose, step into their highest selves, and unleash their inner goddess, the queen in them with confidence and ease so they can find pleasure and freedom in alignment with their true selves.

Lindiwe draws a lot of inspiration from her childhood, growing up in a rural area in Kwa-Ndebele called Thembalethu, raised by two domestic workers and the community. She singlehandedly took care of the household while her parents had to make a living in Johannesburg, her access to information and guidance served as a stepping stone and she too wants to be a stepping stone for others. Lindiwe recalls that for as long as I can remember growing up I have had people coming to me when they need advice, when they need assistance setting goals, or are just hitting a brick wall in life and I have loved and learned from this part of my life.

Reflecting on her experience Lindiwe comments that “The more I grow, the more I see a constant need for people to be guided and coached in this journey called life in a way that takes account of our family structures and dynamics as well as cultural and traditional ways of life as Africans. I see the need to coach children to help them heal their traumas, have great relationships, build their confidence where needed, establish goal setting that is aligned with who they are so they can be the best that they ought to be.”

With a passion for empowering women, Lindiwe offers 1:1 private coaching, group coaching, and online programs to help women who are feeling stuck and unsure of their purpose to gain confidence, find their purpose, and live in alignment with their purpose so they can have the freedom to do the things that bring them pleasure in life.

In her Biography, Lindiwe comments that “I have a passion for imparting knowledge, healing, guiding and walking the journey with others. I love to see people find themselves, achieve their aspirations and grow.” Lindiwe also uses her blog to reach a wider audience on the internet and help them find pleasure and freedom in their true self.



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