The Perfect Landlord: 7 Ways to Cherish Your Clients By Mike Charbonneau

October 01 19:55 2021

Slumlords, landlords from hell, mean, nasty, and the list goes on. These negative labels are often associated with landlords, but are they well-deserved? In many cases, unfortunately, they are.

Mike Charbonneau is an expert on landlord-tenant relations. The secret to his success in the real-estate business can be traced back to his willingness to keep to a core set of rules that can turn the landlord-tenant relationship into something that creates a great deal of value for both parties. With this in mind, he’s written The Perfect Landlord to help both landlords and tenants understand guidelines and attitudes that will lead to a positive experience for both parties.

Many landlords look at their tenants as caricatures—a collage of undesirable traits that they’ve come to know as THE TENANT. This isn’t a good place to be. To quote Mike: “Being a landlord is more than just fixing leaky pipes and collecting rent. A huge part of the job is dealing with interpersonal issues and providing awesome customer service. Making money is essential to any businessperson. Being the perfect landlord is so much more than that. In this role, you have the opportunity to create a community, and to improve people’s lives … you need to think about what kind of lifestyle you want to create for both yourself and your tenants. It’s not enough to have a great property. You must also consider who’ll live there, how they’ll live there, and how they’re going to feel about you.”

Having worked at Toyota for nearly three decades, Mike learned and subscribes to the “Toyota Way” philosophy, the automaker’s core principles of “Respect for People and “Continuous Improvement (Kaizen).” It’s a core principle in the auto-maker’s production system stressing that small, continual improvements are more effective and permanent than big changes. Having viewed the landlord-tenant relationship through the kaizen lens, he knows that paying attention to small improvements can turn a combative experience into a pleasant and harmonious one. Mike says, “When I think about the concept of kaizen, I immediately think of how to improve the time landlords spend with renters. Operating from kaizen as a landlord means that every encounter becomes meaningful.”

Such attitudes and actions are found throughout Mike’s book and reflect what he knows as a tenant and a landlord. If you’re a landlord, or if you’re thinking about getting into residential property investing, listen to Mike Charbonneau. He really “gets it.”

Mike Charbonneau’s book is available at his website, and as well on Amazon.

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