The Prosperous Community Foundation (’s Neighborhood Patrol Team Welcomes New Members

October 06 15:02 2021

Recently, Mr. Yaming Gu, a Member of the New York City Council, discussed and exchanged views with Sir. Michael Leung, the Founder of the Prosperous Community Foundation, together with several members of the Board of Directors, on issues such as Flushing’s booming economy and community safety.

The Prosperous Community Foundation (’s Neighborhood Patrol Team Welcomes New Members

Sir Michael Leung, the Chairman of the PCF said: “Since its establishment, the Neighborhood Patrol Team has been actively strengthening inter-ethnic solidarity and cooperation with the aim of serving the Asian communities and protecting the safety of the Asian communities.”

Mr. Gu agreed with Sir. Michael that it was most important to encourage young people to participate in community service, to enhance their love of the community and their sense of responsibility to the community, to have the opportunity to train young people in the community, to have the energy to participate actively in public office, to learn that living in harmony among the various ethnic groups in the United States, to speak out for the needs of the community, and to continue to guard the local people.

In his conversation with Sir. Michael Leung, Mr. Gu also stressed the issue of ethnic unity and Chinese unity, and he hoped that we Chinese should be careful about the news that was not conducive to inter-ethnic unity, nor should we listen to rumor and false news that were not conducive to Chinese unity, especially during the outbreak of COVID-19, and not listen to and disseminate messages that were not conducive to stability and unity, otherwise it would not only affect the prosperity and development of the community, but also undermine the social status of the Chinese people.

PCF’s Neighborhood Patrol Team welcomes new members, all new members will receive training opportunities before becoming full members, please call 917-903-2228 for information.


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