The Shortest Life Component In The Car, The Starter Life Is 2 Hours

October 11 21:35 2021

Every morning, get in the car, turn the key or directly start the fire with one click. With a few “tengteng” sounds, the car starts, and then drives the car to start a leisurely or busy day. This is a portrayal of the lives of many car owners. However, few people know what kind of process is behind such a small action as ignition. The starter drives the engine when the car starts. In a sense, the starter is the shortest-lived component of the car. As we all know, the start of the engine requires external help, and the function of the starter is to convert the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy, and drive the flywheel of the engine to rotate to realize the start of the engine. The main component of the starter is an electric motor. If a car is used at the frequency of most car owners in the country: it is fired twice a day, and the average fire time is 2 seconds.

The general vulnerable period of the starter is 100,000 kilometers, which is calculated as 100,000 kilometers in five years. Then the starter works for 7,300 seconds in total, but a little more than 2 hours, the life of the starter is only about 2 hours. At the moment the car is started, the battery will provide 300-400ah of power to the starter (it can allow 1A electrical appliances to be used for more than 300 hours), and the instantaneous current reaches 200-400A, which is about 500 times that of an ordinary household refrigerator. The car starter is working under very bad working conditions. Fortunately, the time to start the car is generally no more than two seconds each time. Due to the short working time, the starter has enough time to dissipate the heat brought by starting the engine. Different car owners drive the starter, the service life of the starter is very different.

Some cars have been driven from a new car until they are scrapped, and the starter has not been replaced. Some car owners may use up the starter in 2-3 years. For the starter, the difference in use and maintenance has a great impact on the life of the starter. Below, Komi will tell you some precautions for the use of the starter: 1. Each start time of the starter does not exceed 3 seconds, and it should be stopped for 2 minutes after restarting to restore the battery. If there are three consecutive unsuccessful startups, it should be stopped after 15 minutes on the basis of inspection and troubleshooting. 2. If the starter cannot drive the engine, don’t try to start the car again, because the current will be high when the starter is difficult to turn, and forcible ignition may burn the starter. 3. If the engine is started by turning the key, after the engine is started, the starter control circuit must be cut off immediately to stop the starter from working, otherwise it may cause the starter to hit gears. In addition, reasonable maintenance is very helpful to keep the starter in good working condition.

For example, ensure that the starter is clean and the wires connected to the battery are firm and reliable. The commutator should be inspected, cleaned, and replaced every 30,000 kilometers. The carbon powder and dirt on the surface of the rotor; every 5Wkm of the car, check the wear of the test brush and the pressure of the brush spring, and they should be within the specified range; the starter should be disassembled and maintained once a year. But in fact, the general auto repair shop only replaces the starter without repairing the principle, causing a lot of unnecessary losses and waste to the car owner.


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