HStellar Is Set To Disrupt The Space Transport Industry With Their Point to Point Launch

October 26 16:16 2021
HStellar Is Set To Disrupt The Space Transport Industry With Their Point to Point Launch
Innovative space transport company, HStellar, announces their official launch with the introduction of point-to-point transportation services

Los Angeles, California – October 25, 2021 – The HStellar Team, led by the forward-thinking duo of Enzo Bleze and Dan Dominguez, is poised to revolutionize the space transport industry by introducing a hybrid spacecraft capable of suborbital point-to-point delivery in addition to a wide operating envelope into LEO and GSO. Bleze, the company’s CEO, believes “In order to benefit from space, we need to further minimize the cost of entering and increase the speed of which delivery operates. So we brought together a determined team to design methods which allow for cheaper, more frequent, and more sustainable access to space.”

The launch of HStellar is particularly timely, as the space transport industry rapidly expands with increasing needs from new customers. “We have assembled a team that has proven experience to create and grow a scalable commercial ecosystem. This market is a subset of possibilities that our Hybrid spacecraft will spearhead as we leverage the benefits of low earth orbit for point-to-point on-demand delivery,” says company co-founder and president Dan Dominguez. The company aims to introduce their disruption by manufacturing and operating a scalable lifting system capable of orbit insertion and point-to-point autonomous delivery worldwide within 60 minutes of a request, as well as delivering satellites into orbit. Head of supply chain Erik Flemming claims “Based upon the products we have designed and the passion the team has for the industry, I truly believe HStellar has positioned itself to fill a gap within the hyper-fast cargo transportation market.”

The company is also planning to reduce the cost per Kg to orbit through its innovative Additive Manufacturing technologies that will simplify and accelerate the production line, allowing the company to provide fast and flexible services for its customers. Bruno Le Razer, the team’s Additive Manufacturing advisor says, “With a very innovative approach, HStellar will revolutionize the use of Additive Manufacturing technologies to produce rockets in a record time and at a fraction of the cost compared with existing methods.” Long-term goals include sequentially adopting partnerships to support State and commercial payload requirements which may include human travel.

HStellar has also announced plans to build on early successes and introduce advanced propulsion systems and spacecraft capable of beyond earth orbit missions to support the Moon and Mars goals and ultimately inspire younger generations and make humankind multi-planetary. Bleze reminds readers that “Our DNA’s nature to explore and conquer new worlds has had clear survival value for our species. At Hstellar we firmly believe once we become a multi-planetary species, our chances to live long and prosper will take a huge leap skyward.”

About HStellar

Hstellar is a space transport company that manufactures and operates reusable rockets. The company is dedicated to creating a bright future for humans among the stars while simultaneously improving the quality of life on Earth. Our unique approach in efforts of making space accessible to everyone begins with the development of a scalable lifting system capable of orbit insertion and point-to-point autonomous delivery worldwide within 60 min. Hstellar plans to reduce the cost of launch by implementing advanced additive and reusable rocket manufacturing to ensure overall diminishing lead times, cost-effectiveness, and highly flexible mass production systems that can efficiently pivot with customer demand. In a few years, Hstellar will refocus in order to design advanced propulsion systems and spacecraft to reach the Moon and Mars with the ultimate goal of inspiring younger generations and making humankind multi-planetary.

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