RISING STAR Presents Thanks to Jesus, I Made The Grim Reaper Bow Down to Me

November 19 09:47 2021

The unique collection is part of the brand’s only super-exclusive art catalog, which includes an extensive array of faith-inspired paintings, photography, and poetry.

Thanks To Jesus, I Made The Grim Reaper Bow Down to Me will include 100 sketches, 23 photos, and 7 exclusive paintings. The raw, unfiltered nature of the sketches displays truly genuine art. Due to its spiritual value and historical significance, the sketchbook has been priced at $10 Billion.

RISING STAR’s art collections such as I Met Jesus, Glory to the Lamb, and Christ is My Fountain have each received multi-billion dollar valuations. The $10 billion price tag of I Made The Grim Reaper Bow Down To Me represents an unassailable new high in standards. Due to the immense value and quality of the art, RISING STAR has rightfully solidified the title of the world’s most exclusive fashion house.

Funds raised from the sale of the collection will be donated to the Christian philanthropic organizations that work in the developing world. RISING STAR collaborates with the EarthChurch and the EarthSchool System to provide aid to many. Among other infrastructure, these organizations deliver schools, churches, libraries, and supplies to Christians globally.

Nothing like this sketchbook has been released before. The contents illustrate the power, mystery, and glory of the Holy Spirit. In the artwork, there are many pieces where you can clearly see the uniqueness of Christ. A great deal of dedication and curation went into the timeless pieces. Thanks to Jesus, I Made The Grim Reaper Bow Down to Me. Join us as we continue to change the world through the power of art.

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