AET REMOULD New Product Analysis: Modern Spartan Spirit in the Watch

April 19 09:08 2022

AET REMOULD, the German watch modding brand, has unveiled a new product. It marks a new product line based on the Royal Oak Offshore, and another high-end watch collection from the brand after A/U Collection and Daytona Collection.

The new timepiece ‘Lochagos’ is the first product in the AET REMOULD ‘Sparta Collection’. Sparta was one of the most influential city-states in ancient Greek and its warriors were renowned for bravery and fierceness, conquering countless enemies.

AET REMOULD ‘Lochagos’ has a distinctive product concept. The bright red and yellow colour contributes to an eye-catching look. The dial ring, the central seconds hand and the chronograph hands are all covered in red, with irregular red and yellow color graffiti for a very masculine look.

In addition, the meander patterns of the chronograph rings at 12 and 6 o’clock resemble the shield of a Spartan warrior. Its black and yellow colour creates a majestic impression.

On the back, the main colour is yellow with a touch of red, echoing the design of the dial, symbolizing a brave warrior fighting fearlessly.

Compared to the previous AET REMOULD watches, the overall styling of the new model is markedly different from that of  Daytona. Unlike the fresh, artistic Daytona,  ‘Lochagos’ is more wild, open and daring, more inclined to showcase the dominance and majesty of the Spartan warrior.

It is worth mentioning that the AET REMOULD logo is used in several places. There are eight AET REMOULD exclusive screws on the bezel. The end of the central seconds hand and the crown also feature the AET REMOULD logo. The AET REMOULD brand name is also emblazoned on the left side of the date window.

The new piece is made of sapphire, a speciality of AET REMOULD. The case, bezel, dial and caseback are all made of sapphire, offering a very pure and clear appearance which, in contrast to the bright and dazzling dial, further emphasises the Spartan theme.

The ‘Lochagos’ is the first masterpiece in the new Spartan Collection of AET REMOULD, with a very distinctive design and a bold, dominant style that sets it apart from AET REMOULD’s previous watches.

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