Blue chip project Minario NFT will open a new era of actress culture and art market

April 26 16:28 2022

Minario NFT may be supported by Windvane’s “Creator Fund” and become one of the first batch of NFT blue-chip projects incubated by it.

After the release of CryptoKitties in 2017, NFT entered the public eye for the first time. Ethercat is a decentralized application released on Ethereum, where users can breed and collect various electronic cats in the game. Today, due to the continuous emergence of high-performance blockchain and layer 2 solutions, various expansion schemes have made high-throughput Dapp a reality, NFT has returned to the public eye, and the application scenarios in the Web3.0 network ecosystem are becoming more and more diverse.

The recent high-profile Minario NFT project aims to protect the originality of Japanese actress videos through NFT technology, while helping more actresses and artists to monetize their works through NFT, creating a new digital collection ecosystem, combining various regionally represented cultures let more people know about them in the form of NFT artworks, because each culture has its inherent value and is worth preserving.

The world is tolerant. The world is colorful because of cultural diversity. The actress video culture, which has always been in the “marginal” zone, has never attracted much positive attention. For many years, due to content leakage and piracy, at the same time not getting much attention and social support, the quality and value of Japanese actress video content is declining. In the view of the Minario NFT project, these contents are part of the world’s cultural diversity, copyright and quality should be protected and valued, and high-quality cultural contents should be disseminated. NFT has important application value in the confirmation of digital assets. The Minario NFT project will give play to the attributes of NFT technology, so that it can be used for actress film and television works, art creators, collectors, and the majority of actress fans in the process of protecting actress culture. Provide copyright and content quality protection to prevent the loss caused by copycat plagiarism from the root. Because everyone can check through the blockchain whether it is officially licensed, as well as its creation date, brand, series, rarity and availability.

Whether in the field of art and culture or in the blockchain industry, openness and inclusiveness are mainstream views. In order to support a more open and inclusive decentralized NFT market, KuCoin exchange launched Windvane with a value of up to $100 million on April 19. “Creator Fund”, the fund will support and incubate early NFT projects, covering culture and art, sports, PFP, Asian culture, celebrities, GameFi and other fields, in addition, the fund will invite 99 outstanding NFT creators to join Windvane (KuCoin NFT Marketplace) to accelerate the development of Web 3.0.

It is reported that Minario NFT may be supported by Windvane’s “Creator Fund” and become one of the first batch of NFT projects incubated by it. As a result, the first batch of NFT works released by the Minario NFT project (with the famous Japanese actress Minami Riona as the prototype) is expected to be launched on the Windvane platform, which will bring a huge NFT market effect to the project and promote the development of the project. The specific news still needs to be officially announced.

Minario NFT uses blockchain technology to protect the video content culture of Japanese actresses, allowing actresses, film and television stars and artists to use NFT tokens to represent the ownership of their digital artworks, which can greatly improve the liquidity of artworks. In addition to pirated and inferior content, nowadays, the transaction process and operation process of online actresses’ personal film and television works and artworks are not transparent, and the intermediary platform extracts a lot of value from it. To put their works on the platform, creators must pay huge fees, and they can only blindly trust the platform to display and distribute their works fairly. The Minario NFT project will build a DAO community based on actress culture. While promoting Japanese actress culture and enjoying the fun of actress culture, it will create a world-class quality NFT aggregation platform. In the future, actresses, film and television stars, and artists in various cultural fields can easily selling its digital artwork and earning income through NFTs, it is a sustainable economic model, which will be a driving force for the industry.

Whether the Minario NFT project can get KuCoin Windvane “Creator Fund” support, and  become an exciting blue-chip project as the first launch of Windvane (KuCoin NFT Marketplace). There are different opinions in the NFT market. On the one hand, speculators want to take this opportunity to hype and earn Quick money; on the other hand, the traditional culture and art circle is in urgent need of technological iterative upgrading, and there is a substantial demand for the launch of the Minario NFT project. The surging NFT craze is sweeping the world, which is undoubtedly a hot spot in the current cryptocurrency financial market, and the Minario NFT project is a fast channel for many NFT investors, actress fans, and digital art collectors to obtain top NFT artworks. This will bring them huge investment returns, and the Minario NFT project will open a new era of actress cultural art market.

About Minario NFT:

Minario NFT is a world-class NFT platform created in cooperation with the famous Japanese actress Riona Minami. It aims to protect the originality of Japanese actress videos through NFT technology, while retaining the charm of actress culture. Help more actresses and artists to monetize their works through NFT, create a new digital collection ecosystem, and establish a DAO community centered on actress culture.

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