ENSdom is Facilitating the Trade of 3 & 4 Digit ENS Domains with the Launch of a Dedicated Category

May 14 03:20 2022
Thanks to ENSdom’s new dedicated category, buying and selling 3 & 4 digits ENS domains has become easier than ever.

ENSdom, the world’s first marketplace for the purchase and sale of ENS domains, is proud to announce the launch of its new 3 & 4 digits name category. With these short and catchy domains spreading like wildfire in the digital world, this .eth address marketplace has set its sight on enabling all market participants with a robust, simple, and flawless trading experience.

The Rise of 3 & 4 Digits ENS Domains

While the world has had its eyes glued to ether and the Ethereum network’s wildly-successful NFT space, another category of assets has slowly been building momentum behind the scenes.

ENS, short for Ethereum Name Service, is another application of the Ethereum network that’s been around for some time now. However, these relatively obscure assets recently caught the eye of many NFT investors and the wider crypto community, which culminated in the form of a major bull run near the end of April. Data from Dune Analytics shows that the demand for .eth domains shot through the roof in that month, with the trading volume multiplying by a factor of 33 within a mere 7 days.

As the dust settles, it has become clear that investors’ appetite for 3 & 4 digits ENS domains is far from sated. Both 3-digit and 4-digit series have been fully minted, with the 10,000 four-digit names selling out in a record 6 hours only. Secondary marketplaces are the only source for any enthusiasts to get in on the action now.

According to a recent Tweet by @ENStoday, prestigious 3-digit domains like “903.eth”, “833.eth”, and “239.eth” are fetching between 7Ξ to 9Ξ in ether-based pricing.

It is also worth noting here that any ENS domain between 0-9999 can unlock access to the 10K Club for its holder. Billing itself as a web3 social club, the 10K club  (#10kclub) is an exclusive Discord-based community that’s reserved only for the lucky owners of 3 & 4 digits ENS domains.

Vitalik Buterin who is best known as one of the co-founders of Ethereum has this to say in an interview on 2021 “The Ethereum domain name service (ENS) is by far the most successful non-financial Ethereum application, and it can basically be compared to a decentralized phone book.”

ENSdom Launches a Dedicated Category

Operating on the principles of agility, ENSdom has moved fast to facilitate the effortless trading of these coveted domains through its brand new category dedicated exclusively for 3 & 4 digit domains.

Leveraging its existing networks of users and infrastructure, ENSdom is spearheading innovation and bringing exciting solutions aimed at ENS enthusiasts driven by real-world user insights. This has positioned the premier marketplace in a unique position to serve this emerging space with an unparalleled level of excellence.

With such a substantial competitive advantage in its hands, the team is set to establish ENSdom as the ultimate destination for all .eth dealings, especially the trade of the succinct 0-9999 domains.

About ENSdom

ENSdom is a premier marketplace with a distinct goal of allowing users to buy and sell ENS domains. The team is achieving that by offering sellers the option to highlight the value of their domain through listing descriptions. To promote listings, ENSdom leverages both its existing network of buyers and organic interest through search engine visibility.

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