Verified Diploma Pioneers NFT Diplomas For Web3 Courses

May 20 00:30 2022
The Web3 education company “Verified Diploma” brings the first-ever NFT Diploma and Blockchain course combination verifiable as a true digital asset.

While collaborating with Indian Rocks Christian School in St. Petersburg, FL, this education platform has brought forward a unique concept to students across the globe. It is the perfect opportunity for senior students interested in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Web3 applications to improve their profile. The NFT Diploma received after completing this online course cannot be counterfeited and offers a unique identification that institutions can verify directly through the Blockchain. 

In his own words, the CEO of Verified Diploma mentioned, “We educate students for the future while also changing the landscape of Diploma verification and custody.” He further adds, “We plan to bring Truth to Education through our verifiable NFT Diploma Program.”

The first batch of students will complete their NFT Diploma on May 27th and receive their educational documents directly through the blockchain. This process not only optimizes the verification of educational documents but also eliminates delays after completing the Web3 course. This new concept by Verified Diploma has captured the attention of many students who are planning on improving their profiles for better opportunities in the tech industry. 

Professionals can now interact with thousands of students without committing too much time to a single group through this improved LMS platform. Schools from all over the country can sign up for this Web3 course, and it barely takes any time to get registered on the Verified Diploma website. All the interactions with blockchain and the creation of crypto wallets are thoroughly explained in class, and complete assistance by staff is available at every step. 

The Verified Diploma is undoubtedly a breakthrough project that aims to lay the foundation for NFT Diplomas and Web3 courses. Further information on the registration process and key dates are mentioned on the Verified Diploma’s official page

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