The clinical trials software market is projected to be growing at a CAGR of 14%, claims Roots Analysis

June 09 00:35 2022
The clinical trials software market is projected to be growing at a CAGR of 14%, claims Roots Analysis
Clinical Trials Software Market
Given the limitations of current clinical trial approaches, including inefficient patient management and data handling, trial sponsors are increasingly opting for innovative technologies and software solutions for conducting clinical trials

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Clinical Trials Software Market, 2022-2035” report to its list of offerings.


Excessive capital expenditure and other complexities associated with the traditional clinical trials has imposed an enormous financial burden on the pharmaceutical industry. Virtual clinical trials software solutions have the potential to induce substantial digital changes in clinical research methodology, resulting in a more patient-centric, cost-effective and easy to manage approach.


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Key Market Insights


Over 70+ companies claim to provide clinical trials software

The companies offer clinical trials software with different features like electronic data capture, eCOA/ePRO and eConsent along with decentralized and virtual clinical trials and remote monitoring of the patients. Majority of the players based in North America offer clinical trials software followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. Further, the market is dominated by the presence of mid-sized players (more than 40%) followed by small and large players.


Since 2016, more than 120+ partnerships have been inked by service providers

Interestingly, the maximum number of partnership agreements were inked in 2021, majority of these were service agreements (44%), followed by acquisitions/mergers (26%). Further, most of the deals were inked with players based in North America (64%).


Over 30 mergers and acquisitions were reported in this domain, during the period 2016-2021

More than 85% of these were instances of acquisitions. Further, majority of the instances involved the companies based in North America and the maximum number of deals were inked in 2019.


Over USD 492.8 million has been invested by both private and public investors, since 2016

Majority of the companies (67%) engaged in this domain primarily received funding through venture capital rounds. Further, around 98% of the funding instances were reported by players headquartered in North America.


The market is expected to grow at an annual rate close to 14% over the coming decade

The opportunity is likely to be well distributed across clinical trials software on the basis of features of software (EDC, eCOA/ePRO and eConsent) and geographies (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific). By 2035, the clinical trials software market in North America is anticipated to grow at a relatively faster pace (39%), followed by the market in Europe (21%).


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Key Questions Answered

  • Who are the leading players engaged in the development of clinical trials software solutions?
  • Which region(s) will occupy the maximum market share in clinical trials software domain?
  • Who are the key venture capitalists / strategic investors funding the clinical trials software development initiatives?
  • Which partnership models are commonly adopted by stakeholders engaged in the development of clinical trials software solutions?
  • Which factors are likely to influence the evolution of this market?
  • How is the current and future market opportunity likely to be distributed across key market segments?


By 2035, the financial opportunity within the clinical trials software market has been analysed across the following segments:

Features of Software

  • Electronic Data Capture
  • eCOA/ePRO
  • eConsent

Analysis by Geographical Regions

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

The research includes profiles of key players (listed below); each profile features a tabulated overview of company, product portfolio, recent developments, and an informed future outlook.

  • Advarra
  • ArisGlobal
  • AssistRx
  • Clario
  • IBM

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