BNG Infotech Private Limited Offers GST Compliant Logistics Software In India

June 21 01:00 2022

BNG Infotech Private Limited offers outstanding logistics software in India. They have been in the industry since 2005. With the company, one can get the most powerful business automation ERP solutions. The company aims to provide technological updates in the system to drive the business growth of organisations and boost the changing market demand. They ensure that clients have access to affordable and value-for-money technological ERP software solutions.

Speaking about the company’s modules, the company spokesperson said, “Our company started with a single transport booking module in 2005. Currently, we provide a bunch of modules such as transport operations, fleet management, finance and accounts, and many more. Clients are encouraged to choose a particular module based on their requirements.”

Nowadays, many organisations around the globe are shifting from the old legacy system to digitisation. This is due to the fact that several technological advancements have proven to be a secure, time-saving, and more informative approach to keeping records and communicating with customers and business partners. Digitisation in the logistics industry is increasingly growing with the use of the right logistics software system. One can get logistic software from BNG Infotech Private Limited.

The company offers TMS software, a logistics software that facilitates the flow of information from order to cash, goods booking to delivery, lorry hiring to pay-outs, and many more.

Speaking about the importance of transport management software in supply chain operations, the company spokesperson said, “Transport management software is an important element in supply chain operations. It typically automates basic transportation processes and provides solutions for moving cargo in several modes including intermodal movement. Here are some benefits of transport management software. The software offers people the opportunity to perform various analytics. It allows one to manage and audit their cargo bills. Moreover, the transport management software enables clients to determine the best route to travel.”

Looking for the best fleet management software in India? BNG Infotech Private Limited offers outstanding transport and fleet management ERP software. The software typically allows one to monitor various aspects relating to a fleet of vehicles operated by an organisation to achieve timely delivery, zero breakdowns, cost control, and increase revenue time. It comprises several components, including driver management, fuel management, and many more. Driver management typically captures a driver’s personal details, training needs, and many more. On the other hand, the fuel management component enables a number of processes to control fuel expenses and closely monitor fuel consumption. To learn more about the company’s transport and fleet management ERP software, one can consider visiting the company’s website.

About BNG Infotech Private Limited

BNG Infotech Private Limited offers LOZICS ERP in India. They are the best option for individuals wondering where to find reliable software for logistics. The company has many years of experience in the industry. Over the years, they have managed to develop fully GST-compliant logistics management software. Thus, clients can rest assured of getting the best software and solutions from the company.

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