Skycruiser offers the Best 2022 Black Friday Deal for Its Adult Metal Detectors on Amazon

November 17 01:44 2022

Treasure hunt movies, novels or activities have always been compelling to treasure hunting fans. Recently due to the drive of social media, hunting golds and other precious metals are gaining more and more popularity. However, if enthusiasts are not equipped well, mostly they will find trash and return with disappointment.

What makes things more difficult is that there are so many options in today’s metal detector market. Real buyers can easily be confused by the abundant supplies. Skycruiser, as a well-known brand in the metal detector market, has been producing the best metal detectors for years. Whether it is industrial design or function, it is sought after in the industry. As the 2022 Black Friday is coming soon, it also offers the best deal for its customers. In this article, let’s take a quick look at the 3 adult metal detectors with the best deals.

The first to be recommended is Skycruiser TX-650 Professional Foldable Metal Detector. With 8 adjustable sensitivity, the TX-650 has more sensitivity options than other detectors, which means that even tiny metals that are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye can be easily detected by it. Treasure hunters will no longer miss any precious metal any more. Besides, it can be folded into 19 inches long, just right for backpacking and can be easily portable anywhere the owners want.


One of the most mentioned pain points of common metal detectors is short battery life. Imagine that after a long drive to a mountain, the user found that the metal detector can only be used for very short time. What a disaster that experience will be. Skycruiser TX-650 Professional Foldable Metal Detector can be continuously used for 40 hours, which can guarantee the users to enjoy a full and relaxed treasure hunting time.

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If the buyer’s budget is around 100USD, the Skycruiser TX-910 Blue Metal Detector for Adults Professional can be a perfect option. The metal detector for for Adults & Kids can detect six sample metals (iron nail, nickel, pull-tab, Zinc, copper and silver) in All Metal Mode. It can easily meet the common detection needs with a very beautiful price. Besides it is light and can be adjusted from 39.5 to 51.1 inches, enough to fit any height. One more thing to mention is that it has an IP68 waterproof coil, which means the buyers can explore underwater treasures.

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The last but not the least is the Skycruiser TX-650 Yellow Metal Detector for Adults Professional. It’s quite similar to the first TX-650 Orange, except that the yellow one can detect metals up to 9 inches depth while the black one can make it up to 10 inches depth. However, its price is more beautiful for people with lower budget. 

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