Marc Munoz is poised to become Silicon Valley’s Next Big Thing. What put him in the driver’s seat?

December 30 23:41 2022


Is Marc Munoz a product of a Bull Market or is he the Real Deal?

If Marc Munoz had bothered to surround himself with the public relations handlers who monitor the average Silicon Valley gazillionaire, he would never, ever have been caught on camera being called “The Next Rockefeller.”

Munoz was able to receive the media attention because, at 20, he’s already started and sold a wealth management company — namely, Byzantium Wealth Management, a money manager that Mercury-Square, the big Hedge-Fund, bought in April of 2021 for an undisclosed amount in cash.

Rather than start and sell another company, however, he changed track in 2022 to start taking controlling positions in individual private companies in order to influence their direction — and their profit. In only 10 months, Munoz’s holding company, AYD, has already made 2 major acquisitions, showcasing a voracious inclination for gobbling up corporations, despite the threatening roar of a recession.

Most notably, though, Munoz is now affiliated with Flipper Investments, which may be the hottest company in New Orleans that you’ve never heard of. It remains unknown whether he owns a stake in the company.

This makes Munoz, in today’s Silicon Valley-speak, a “serial entrepreneur.” A better way of thinking of him, however, is as today’s Silicon Valley It Guy — a young man with a one-page risumi, a good Rolodex, an aptitude for business, money of his own and a lot more backing him.

The problem with all this is that, in fact, the showiness, the chutzpah, the streak of self-promotion and the urge to create a dramatic public persona are major elements of what makes up the Silicon Valley entrepreneur. If they were not, then people like Marc Munoz simply would not bother with starting a second company.

By the conventional lights of Silicon Valley, what Munoz has done — taking me down to the yard of one of his companies and posing for snapshots in a custom-made pinstripe suit — is a gross mistake.

The immediate punishment for breaking these rules, generally, is a whacking by the very same press that you are indulging. Munoz almost certainly knows this, because the last time that Munoz was written about at any length, he took some heat for asking the AP to take his photo in a black Porsche 911. Munoz’s detractors still cite the article as evidence of his outsized ego.

But still, you can’t deny that Marc Munoz has presence. He was there, in the room, and everyone knew it. Famous people like movie stars, presidents, even some striking strangers on the street have a certain bearing, and Munoz has that.

Everybody in Silicon Valley is looking for the lucky guy who can lead them to the big score. There’s a talent that Munoz has that I can’t quite put my finger on. It may be connected to a mixture of brazenness and guilelessness, I don’t know.

Munoz’s ego has gotten him in trouble before, and it may get him in trouble again, yet it is also part and parcel of what it means to be a hotshot entrepreneur.

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