Revolutionizing TeacherIntouch: Kampus Insights is set to become the go-to training for seamless student data management

March 01 19:45 2023
Kampus Insights Inc is inspiring a Culture of Fearless Educators.

Kampus Insights Inc is now the official training provider of TeachersInTouch. As an authorized vendor of the TeachersInTouch platform for school district purchases, Kampus Insights Inc is committed to helping teachers improve their efficacy and professional development by integrating technology into their classrooms.

This partnership brings together two industry leaders to help schools achieve better outcomes for their students. Kampus Insights Inc is dedicated to providing high-quality professional development and training to teachers, while TeachersInTouch provides a powerful platform for real-time data analysis, streamlined workflows, and robust communication tools.

Talking to the media, CEO Kampus Insights Olivia Odileke said, “We believe that teachers should spend their time doing what they do best – teaching. Our partnership with TeacherInTouch will help us achieve that by reducing the amount of time teachers spend on paperwork and increasing their focus on instruction.” 

Adding to it,Hajj Womack, CEO of TeachersInTouch, said, “At TeacherIntouch, we understand that efficient teachers are not only those who excel in lesson planning but also those who can build a sense of community and engagement among their students. Our collaboration with Kampus Insights will enable us to train teachers on how to do just that.” 

One of the biggest benefits of this partnership is the impact it will have on teacher efficacy. By providing teachers with the tools and resources they need to integrate technology into their classrooms, we can help them become more effective educators. With TeachersInTouch, teachers can access real-time data on student attendance, academic performance, and other relevant metrics, allowing them to identify students who need additional support and intervention. This can lead to better outcomes for students and more efficient use of teacher time.

In addition to improving teacher efficacy, this partnership also offers numerous benefits for professional development. Kampus Insights Inc will provide comprehensive training and support for teachers using the TeachersInTouch platform. This includes workshops, webinars, and one-on-one coaching to help teachers become proficient in using the platform and integrating it into their teaching practice. This will enable teachers to stay up-to-date with the latest educational technology and best practices, further enhancing their professional development.

Overall, the partnership between Kampus Insights Inc and TeachersInTouch is a win-win for teachers, schools, and students. By providing high-quality professional development and a powerful platform for real-time data analysis and communication, we can help teachers become more effective educators and improve outcomes for students. We’re excited to work together to make a difference in education and help schools achieve their goals.

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