The ambitious vision of HuanYa International is to establish the first stablecoin ecosystem, USEA, in Southeast Asia.

May 16 01:40 2023

It is understood that HuanYa International is a subsidiary of Taihe Capital, aiming to create the first stablecoin ecosystem, USEA, in Southeast Asia. Its inaugural office is located in the prestigious CBD of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and has obtained local regulatory approval. The company’s leadership has announced that the HuanYa Strategic Launch Conference will be held on May 27th, 2023, in Bangkok, Thailand. This conference is expected to be the grandest event in Thailand in the next five years, with the highest level of hospitality for esteemed guests. Celebrities, financial experts, and government officials are expected to attend.

Recently, the board of directors of HuanYa International has had frequent interactions with Thailand’s largest payment company. They have expressed preliminary interest in purchasing over 10 million USEA tokens, with the aim of implementing the use of HuanYa’s stablecoin, USEA, in payment scenarios within Thailand while maintaining a 1:1 peg with the Chinese Yuan. This payment company currently serves Alipay, WeChat Pay, and PayPal, making it the largest payment company in Thailand. In the near future, there will be official announcements and signing ceremonies, and we eagerly await these developments.

HuanYa International has established multiple ecological sectors in its strategic layout, and its recent growth has been rapid. The tourism token, TVL, has been listed on Pancake and has shown steady upward movement. To obtain TVL, one can only do so by staking USEA, thereby achieving an internal circulation between the stablecoin and the value coin. We eagerly await more recent updates and news.

In the future, as HuanYa International’s ecosystem continues to improve, it will undoubtedly lead the stablecoin ecosystem, interconnecting stablecoins with a wider range of practical applications. This will result in a mutually beneficial relationship between stablecoins and value coins, ultimately guiding the real economy towards greater success.

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