Local Pediatric Dentist Dr. Denisse Lasanta Trains Dentists Nationwide On Advanced Laser Technology

May 19 14:05 2023
Dr. Denisse Lasanta leads innovative Solea Laser Training for Dentists nationwide.

Dr. Denisse Lasanta, a highly experienced and skilled pediatric dentist, recently conducted a training session on advanced laser technology for dentists from other states and parts of Florida. The training focused on using Solea lasers, the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue procedures.

Dr. Lasanta has been certified in using several types of lasers since 2016, including Solea lasers, and currently has two Solea lasers in her pediatric dental practice. She was the only pediatric dentist in the Tampa Bay area using the Solea Laser until she recently trained another.

With Solea lasers, Dr. Lasanta can offer her patients virtually pain-free and anesthesia-free procedures, resulting in a more comfortable and less invasive experience. Sophisticated computers guide the laser to deliver virtually painless dental procedures for teeth and gums, from simple cavities to complex surgeries. The technology is also vibration-less, making it a unique and highly effective option for dental procedures. 

“As a mom of young children, I know how complex and fascinating children are. I love being around them, teaching, guiding, and helping them grow into remarkable young adults. Since I decided to be a pediatric dentist, I promise to care for your child with the same gentleness and compassion I offer my own. I only recommend and use techniques that I would use with my family and always do what is right for each child’s unique condition. Solea is one of the advanced technologies we use and is a powerful dental laser that replaces the dental drill in most procedures in our practice. It causes virtually no pain and no vibration. Nearly every patient skips anesthesia because they just don’t need it. Solea is our way of keeping you happy and calm! More than anything, we love to see you smile.” said Dr. Denisse Lasanta.

Dr. Lasanta’s expertise and experience with advanced laser technology have made her a respected figure in the dental community. Due to her outstanding work, Dr. Lasanta has been invited to the next Solea user group meeting for 2023. In addition to being a certified Solea Laser user, Dr. Lasanta is also a certified Solea Laser trainer, having become one in 2020. Her role as a trainer involves teaching and mentoring other dentists on the proper use and application of the Solea Laser technology to ensure the highest level of patient care.

As a sought-after trainer for dentists from around the country, Dr. Lasanta is committed to sharing her expertise and advancing the use of laser dentistry. The Solea Laser Company invited her to participate as a guest speaker in their annual Solea User Group Meeting in 2022.

The recent training session conducted by Dr. Lasanta is a testament to her commitment to providing the most advanced and effective dental care for her patients. By sharing her knowledge and expertise with other dentists, she is helping elevate the level of care available to children nationwide.

For more information on Dr. Denisse Lasanta and her pediatric dental practice, please visit her website at https://www.dentalstudio4kids.com. For more details, email [email protected] or call (813) 591-2200.

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Dental Studio 4 Kids, based in Tampa, Florida, is a pediatric dentistry practice that delivers top-tier dental care to children from birth to 19 years old. Headed by the renowned Dr. Denisse Lasanta, a board-certified pediatric dentist, and professor, the studio provides an environment where children can feel secure while receiving comprehensive dental education and care.

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