Intelligent Environmental Protection Limited Receives $160 Million Investment from a Top U.S. Energy Company, Providing New Opportunities for Global Environmental Economic Development

December 06 22:12 2023

On December 1, in response to a series of survival challenges faced by the world today due to global environmental changes, there’s an increasing recognition of the importance of developing a ‘green’ economy and taking corresponding measures. Intelligent Environmental Protection Limited (IEP), an advocate of ecological environmental protection, has garnered much attention and recently received a $160 million investment from a top U.S. energy company, aiding global sustainable development.

This round of investment, to be completed in the spring of next year, will distribute funds in various forms to over 1,300 IEP environmental projects worldwide. These projects involve forest protection in various states of the Amazon region, reforestation of degraded areas, energy efficiency assurance funds for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the promotion of renewable energy in the industrial and transportation sectors, thereby moving towards a more sustainable, economical future with global green initiatives.

IEP has independently developed a world-leading ecological environment big data intelligence system based on Internet, IoT, AI, big data, and cloud computing technologies. This system allows for the sharing and scientific evaluation of environmental quality, safety, and risk information resources across industries and platforms. It addresses major environmental management issues in key areas through models and evaluation systems, significantly improving global ecological environmental quality.

With this investment, IEP can optimize its ecological environment big data intelligence system, support more technical workers in the environmental protection and sustainability fields, and build a globally advanced, comprehensive, industry-leading team. Driven by research and innovation, IEP aims to promote intelligent environmental governance transformation and digital upgrading of environmental protection equipment, achieving mutual benefits in environmental, economic, and social aspects.

IEP has long been ahead of other companies in terms of resource information, paying meticulous attention to environmental protection and basing its actions in reality. In 2023, IEP conducted a global environmental survey, finding that “despite ongoing conflicts and economic downturns, global focus remains on climate change, with continuous efforts to avert climate disasters.” These survey results play an important role in guiding IEP to better formulate environmental protection plans.

With its information resources, strong economic backing, and support from partners, IEP is expected to make significant progress in improving ecological environmental quality and achieving coordinated environmental-economic development. The company aims to expand its environmental protection efforts to every corner of the globe, becoming a model for global environmental protection enterprises.

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