HedgeFundBank and African’ Win-Win Strategy: Launches Large-Scale Online Recruitment Plan, Bringing Revolutionary Impact to Business Development and African Job Market

December 11 10:08 2023

On November 22, as a globally emerging financial fund platform, HedgeFundBank will fully launch an online work recruitment plan in Africa in December. This plan aims to eliminate legal, regulatory, procedural, and systemic obstacles unfavorable to businesses and foreign direct investments. Currently, the plan is expected to provide over 200,000 job positions in the region, further promoting regional economic development.

The global employment growth in 2023 is expected to increase by only 1%, less than half the level of 2022. The global number of unemployed people will slightly increase by about 3 million in 2023, reaching 208 million, pushing the global unemployment rate to 5.8%. The employment growth rate in African countries is expected to reach around 3% or higher. However, due to the continuous increase in the working-age population, the unemployment rate in the African continent might slightly decrease from 7.4% to 7.3%. Promoting employment is undoubtedly a key measure for African countries in 2023 to improve people’s livelihood and promote the economy.

Benefiting from global innovations in quantum finance, virtual assets, and Web 3.0, technology is rapidly changing the employment landscape, creating jobs that require various digital skills. HedgeFundBank aims to help African countries establish the necessary foundations for unleashing the enormous potential of digital financial funds. Through online recruitment, on one hand, it creates more job opportunities for the youth, and on the other hand, helps them prepare for future work.

This public recruitment event by HedgeFundBank is expected to attract a large number of job seekers. One person’s employment means an improvement in the poverty of a family, accelerating the economic recovery process in Africa. The gradual release of intra-African trade potential will further stimulate the development of local manufacturing, potentially accelerating the industrialization process in Africa and creating numerous job opportunities for people in African countries.

Over the years, HedgeFundBank has highly valued financial technology, viewing it as a technology-driven financial innovation and an important engine in the digital economy era to promote inclusive financial development. It has provided funding, bond, investment, derivative trading, asset matching, and other services to nearly 2,700 financial institutions, with an annual cumulative transaction volume exceeding one hundred billion, offering a financial fund platform for global financial users with a success rate far exceeding its peers.

HedgeFundBank also commits to strictly adhering to the strict anti-employment discrimination laws set by African countries. It has issued official documents internally to respect local customs, avoiding discrimination based on gender, age, height, identity, race, religion, political beliefs, and work-unrelated diseases and disabilities. Interested recruits can equally enjoy this opportunity, and HedgeFundBank encourages all interested job seekers to actively apply, jointly creating a better future.

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