DSC: Building Future Computational Infrastructure for the AI Era

April 19 12:00 2024

The Growth of AI and the Rise of the Decentralized Computational Power Market

Over the past few years, AI technology has transitioned from theoretical research to widespread commercial application. With breakthroughs in deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing, the scope and capabilities of AI continue to expand. However, these advancements also bring with them a demand for vast computational resources, which traditional centralized computing resources struggle to meet, particularly in terms of cost, efficiency, and accessibility.

Against this backdrop, the decentralized computational power market has emerged. This burgeoning field aims to leverage underutilized computing resources across a distributed global network, addressing the high costs, long deployment cycles, and geographical limitations of traditional models. Decentralized computational networks allow individuals and businesses to share idle computing resources, enhancing resource utilization while ensuring transaction transparency and security through blockchain technology, making it a focal area of interest in the AI+depin track.

Distributed AI Computational Services Platform: DSC

Driven by demand and technological advancements, the Distributed Super Computing (DSC) project was initiated. DSC is a distributed AI computational services platform built on DSFS (Distributed Storage and Supercomputing Foundation System). The platform’s vision is to establish a distributed AI computational infrastructure network tailored for the AI era, allowing individuals and institutions to easily connect to the network and support global AI application developers. It operates on a Web 3 paradigm, supporting Web 3-style incentives, transactions, payments, and settlements.

-Platform Architectural Advantages

DSC is an innovative decentralized AI computational platform designed to address the high costs, inefficiencies, and accessibility issues of traditional computational supply. Through its unique distributed architecture, DSC integrates computational resources worldwide, allowing individuals and businesses to share idle computing power. This model not only improves resource utilization but also significantly reduces computational costs, making AI development more economically efficient. Additionally, the platform’s lack of geographical limitations enables faster and more extensive services for users.

-Technical Advantages

DSC utilizes the advanced Distributed Storage and Supercomputing Foundation System (DSFS), supporting various hardware types, including but not limited to GPUs and CPUs. This system not only meets high-performance computing demands but also optimizes task allocation through an intelligent computational power scheduling subsystem, enhancing response speed and processing efficiency. The decentralized Web3 architecture offers users incentive, transaction, payment, and settlement solutions, enhancing user experience and overall system efficiency.

-Commercialization Scenarios

The DSC platform has demonstrated its extensive commercial potential and practical application value through its distributed AI computational services. Current real customers using the DSC platform’s computational services include metaverse development, smart home systems, intelligent drones, and medical imaging processing. These use cases not only prove the technical maturity and actual efficacy of the DSC platform but also highlight its key role in driving industry innovation, reducing operational costs, and accelerating decision-making processes.

Participation in the DSC Platform and Potential Benefits

A core feature of the DSC platform is its Web3 architecture, which not only creates a new computational service model but also greatly simplifies the participation process, especially for ordinary users and small to medium-sized businesses. Through this decentralized approach, anyone can easily connect and contribute their computing resources, receiving corresponding rewards in return.

-Mining Mechanism and Community Incentives

DSC’s mining mechanism allows users to earn tokens by providing computational power. This process is highly automated; users simply need to keep their devices online and operational. The platform automatically allocates token rewards based on the computational power provided and task completion, ensuring a transparent and fair reward distribution process for all users.

In addition to basic mining rewards, DSC also has a community incentive mechanism to reward users who make special contributions to community development. This includes participating in platform testing, providing feedback, and engaging in community building activities. Through these activities, users can increase their token earnings and help the platform improve services and expand its influence.

-Becoming a Computational Power Provider

Users register an account on DSC’s website or app and configure their computing devices according to guidelines, such as personal computers, servers, or dedicated hardware. Once the device setup is complete and connected to the platform, users can begin “mining,” i.e., using their devices to perform computational tasks.

-User Revenue Expectations

DSC plans to complete its initial token offering in May. These tokens will be used within the platform for transactions, paying for computational power, and purchasing other services. For early participants, this is an excellent opportunity to join an emerging technology platform and benefit from it. As the platform grows and computational power demand increases, the value of the tokens is expected to rise, potentially providing capital gains for early users.

DSC has redefined the computational supply model, offering unprecedented opportunities for individual users, small to medium-sized businesses, and technology developers, becoming a strong competitor in the Depin+AI field. As a decentralized AI computational platform, DSC not only makes accessing computational resources more convenient and economical but also allows every contributor to benefit directly through transparent mining and community incentive mechanisms.

Product Progress

In early April, DSC participated in an offline event in Shenzhen, showcasing several AI and offline products powered by DSC computational resources (such as drones).

Additionally, DSC successfully applied to join the NVIDIA Developer Program, becoming a member of the NVIDIA global developer team.

The potential of the DSC platform continues to grow. We invite developers, tech enthusiasts, and innovative businesses worldwide to join this open and innovative network, collectively advancing the future of AI and computational technology.

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