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Is Demonetisation to Affect Bollywood Business further?

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Is Demonetisation to Affect Bollywood Business further?

December 20
16:21 2016

demNew Delhi, Tuesday, December 20 – It seems that gone are the days, say even for a while, when movie lovers would hit cinema halls to watch a movie during the weekend with family and friends to spend quality time. Films that gained popularity owing to good music and storyline from last several months now hope for good business in the end. However, chances of this appear to be low after demonetisation, effective November 9.

This could be a problem for the films that are set to be released in the coming weeks. ‘Dangal’ starring Aamir Khan in the lead role may bear the brunt if note ban on INR 500 and INR 1000 stops people from coming to the cinema hall. With a single flick, the people who are associated are producers, directors, writers, actors, lyricists and people behind the camera. They pour a lot of efforts to make a film successful.

Despite the fact that Aamir’s movie automatically grabs eyeballs thanks to his sensible choice, eyes can’t be shut to the fact business of ‘Dangal’ might get affected in case people do not turn up in PVRs near them. Even though different modes of payment are letting populace feel the ease in getting what they wish to buy, the majority is yet struggling to meet their basic needs. Cash crunch is still a problem. Several ATMs are running dry. Serpentine queues are leaving people with no option but to stand for several hours to get some cash.