American Home Water and Air Brings Transparent Pricing to HVAC Industry in Phoenix, Arizona

April 02 03:04 2021

American Home Water & Air is proud to announce that they have become the first company in Phoenix, Arizona to bring transparent HVAC & plumbing pricing to the region. They have been committed to fair pricing for a long time, but they know that the proof of that concept speaks for itself. Fairness is the type of business practice that American Home Water & Air has always stood for, and this new initiative is in line with those values.

The essence of their commitment to fair, transparent pricing manifests itself as a pair of cost calculators. The HVAC installation cost calculator will help customers to understand the basic costs associated with their HVAC installation needs. The HVAC cost calculator will give different information depending on the placement of the AC system, and will also make determinations about the price based on the location of your home. Arizona has varied climate areas, and servicing different areas has different incumbent challenges and prices. Once you’ve input that information, American Home Water & Air gives you some different pricing options and possible solutions for your HVAC needs. This is based on the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of the systems they offer, as they would operate in your area.

The Water Softener price calculator will also inform customers of the basis for the prices associated with the installation of a new water softener. American Home Water & Air is proud of their industry-leading water softeners, and the prices as which they offer them. They’re also immensely proud of their service team and the top-notch service they provide. But they also acknowledge that not every customer has the same needs when it comes to installation. Arizona is a state that is well-known for its long history of DIYers, and American Home Water & Air also offers a different price structure for customers who will install their own water softeners.

These calculators represent a new era of fair and transparent HVAC and plumbing pricing. American Home Water & Air is committed to helping customers to understand the complexities of the pricing behind their HVAC and plumbing needs by showing them how the calculations are done.

American Home Water & Air stands for transparency in favor of the customer. They know that the key to success is offering effective service at prices that make sense, without the sudden shock of hidden fees or confusing pricing structures. When you deal with American Home Water & Air, you know what you’re going to get.

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