DDA Platform Specialized in Offering in Vitro Toxicity Assays for Early Stage of Drug Discovery

April 02 05:30 2021
DDA platform announced the release of its professional services for in vitro toxicity analysis to understand the toxicity of drug compounds.

New York, USA – April 1, 2021 – DDA platform, the major division of Creative Bioarray, is dedicated to developing high quality products and services to accelerate the research in the field of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural, and diagnostics industries. Recently, DDA platform announced the release of its professional services for in vitro toxicity analysis to understand the toxicity of drug compounds.

Creative Bioarray utilizes primary cells from many different tissues and organs and specializes in predictive, 3D tissue and cell-based in vitro toxicity assays, providing customers with guidance on the best strategy and methods for analyzing which measurements should be prioritized at different stages of the discovery process. Creative Bioarray provides expert guidance and solutions for in vitro toxicology problems. In addition to data, it also includes providing professional knowledge to interpret the generated data. With an established network of toxicology consultants and experts, Creative Bioarray can provide additional support for the most challenging projects. With complete transparency throughout the project, customers can access data at any time to facilitate discussion and decision-making.

Creative Bioarray provides standard methods and novel methods for assessing cardiotoxicity, focusing on the fields of single ion channel panels, comprehensive in vitro arrhythmia (CiPA) and 3D micro-tissue models. The advantages of cardiotoxicity testing services include excellent predictability, simple and flexible workflow, powerful multiplexing function and complete control of the beating rate.

Besides, in vitro hepatotoxicity tests can imitate in vivo tissue studies, thereby providing a reliable tool for safety assessment in the early stages of drug development. Creative Bioarray has developed standard and innovative in vitro models to meet the needs of early liver toxicity testing. And the available models include liver slices, immortalized cell lines, primary hepatocyte suspensions, primary hepatocyte cultures etc.

Genotoxicity testing of new chemical entities is an integral part of the drug development process and is a regulatory requirement before new drugs are approved. By determining genotoxicity early in drug discovery rather than during regulatory evaluation, the possibility of late failure can be reduced. According to the recommendations of regulatory agencies, Creative Bioarray can provide a series of genotoxicity testing (non-GLP) services. If there are any positive reactions in an in vitro study, an in vivo study of the same endpoint is usually required.

“Creative Bioarray is the ideal partner to help utilize another set of techniques to understand the toxicity of compounds. We can help determine which compounds have the best safety and can enter the clinic.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also added, “We focus on the most advanced technology and automation to generate high-quality data quickly and cost-effectively. If you have specific requirements, Creative Bioarray will be able to customize solutions for you then.”

About DDA platform

As a mature division of Creative Bioarray, DDA platform definitely will be the ideal and reliable innovation partner in research endeavors. With the support of professional scientists and years of experience, We are capable to provide a knowledgeable, collaborative and flexible service to our clients so as to accelerated drug development and improved research quality for worldwide projects.

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