Exclusive Interview With the CEO of Solid Rock Solutions Group

April 06 15:36 2021
With over 10 million Americans unemployed, Johnique Taylor gives hope to families during COVID while offering affordable dispatching training to those who want to start their own business in the trucking industry.

Exclusive Interview With the CEO of Solid Rock Solutions Group

Johnique, it’s rare that we meet a woman business owner in the trucking industry.  Is this a field that’s overlooked by most women?

Thanks for having me.  Believe it or not, today, there’s actually a lot of women working in trucking. 20 years ago when I first started driving trucks there were only a few of us in the industry. This has always been a male dominated Industry.

It’s 2021 and things have definitely changed.  There are also many trucking companies that are women owned.  Approximately 6% of drivers are women, but that’s slowly changing also.  When I was an otr (other the road) driver, I absolutely loved seeing my fellow women drivers. We can handle those big tractor trailers too.

What’s awesome about the trucking industry is that there are so many ways you can make money in the field. You can start a dispatching services company, a trucking company, a freight brokerage, or you can be a truck driver.   These examples simply touch the surface.  There are lots of other roles.  Men and women who are seeking a great opportunity should definitely consider joining us in trucking.  Products and services aren’t delivered without us and we’re proud of it!

Thanks for your service in the Army!  Is this where your trucking career started?

Yes Absolutely!   The US Army is where it all started for me. I was an 88 M Truck Driver in the U.S. Army. I first started driving trucks back in 1997 and I have continued my love for trucking for 20 + years.

Over my years of experience I have worn many hats.  I’ve worked in the trucking side to the freight side.  I’ve run the business, worked in dispatching and of course I’ve been a driver.  I have always been fascinated with the trucking Industry and it’s my desire to help others by being a ‘one stop shop’ for those who want to enter the trucking industry. 

Johnique, please tell us about Solid Rock Solutions Group.  What inspired you to start your company?

I’m the founder of Solid Rock Solutions Group, LLC. As I mentioned earlier, I have over 20+ years of experience in the trucking industry as a truck driver as well as a trucking company owner. Through many lessons learned and by staying remarkably aware of trends in the trucking industry, I founded Solid Rock Solutions Group.  We have helped trucking companies grow and thrive in the burgeoning trucking industry.

I’ve taken the vast knowledge that I have and combined it with my expanding knowledge of what it takes for a trucking company to be successful and I’m sharing this information with others.  I’m so grateful that my team and I have positioned Solid Rock Solutions Group to be a valuable resource for small trucking companies. We offer daily operations support, administrative support, 24/7 dispatch services, driver services & recruitment, operation authority set up, and so much more!

After all of the many challenges with the good, the bad and the ugly it simply motivated us at Solid Rock Solutions Group to help others avoid going thru the same rat race of the extremely difficult stages when getting started. If we can help someone else avoid those hard years due to their lack of knowledge and experience we’ll be fulfilling my goals for my company.

After Covid outbreaks last year we watched so many people lose their jobs and their homes.  It was devastating for us all to watch. Some could barely even make ends meet. This inspired me to move forward with the creation of an online dispatching training class.  People from near and far can learn a new trade or start a new business with a very low cost start up.  Instead of a person having to go without just because they lost their job I wanted to bring hope to people and encourage people to push forward and recreate, revamp, regroup themselves.  We have to keep pushing forward while staying safe.

Our online dispatching training class has given many people a new beginning because they have new opportunities of making a real income. ‘To those who are given, much is expected’.  I knew I had to do my part and share my wealth of knowledge and experience with others who are ready to get started in the trucking Industry.

Johnique, what makes Solid Rock Solutions Group different from other dispatching training companies?

With my 20+ years of combined experience in all areas of the industry, it allows us to offer more than just the dispatching perspectives of the business. We can give a broad range of opportunities so that our clients and students can maximize and grow within the trucking Industry.

See, Solid Rock Solutions Group offers more than a training class. We offer an ongoing learning system that helps guide people through this Industry every day.

It’s impossible and unrealistic to teach a person how to be a great dispatcher within a 1 or 2 day training class. We go over and beyond by offering weekly training sessions to ensure our students are getting off to a great start in their new business.

Here at Solid Rock, you don’t have to tackle this industry alone, we are here to support you.  We also offer an owners mentorship program which provides an opportunity to learn, earn and grow at the same time.  A lot of people come into this industry and feel their way through it.   They experience many ups and downs and these trials and tribulations which can be very costly.  We take out the guessing game or the what to do steps on your new journey in trucking. Having a team like Solid Rock in place day one will definitely set you up for longevity in this lucrative industry.

What advice would you give someone who wants to consider a career in trucking?

I would advise everyone to definitely educate themselves on this Industry. There are a lot of moving parts to make it all work fluently. Lack of knowledge and experience is the leading factor of why so many people don’t make it past their first 6 months in this business.  This can be an expensive beast of an industry.  The only way to survive it and grow in it is to know what you are doing. Not knowing what you don’t know and pretending to know what you don’t know will cost you lots of money and time.

Get the training and support you need as you are just now starting out. Join a mentorship program to have the guidance and training you need to get off to a great start.  Ladies and Gentlemen, a mentor is critical  

Johnique, this information is going to help so many people  How can they contact you?  

Yes, I definitely want this information to reach many people and I pray that they have a life changing experience in trucking.  Trucking is an essential business and it’s not going anywhere… ever.  Technology can never replace truckers!  This is a great time to start a new career or a new business.

If you are ready to take that next step and join us in trucking, you can contact us at 404-960-1766 or via email @ [email protected].

Our website is www.solidrocksolutionsgroup.com and our Facebook Business Page is @Solidrocksolutionsgroup

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