Keys to Grow and Thrive – Karla J. Henry’s Newly Released Book Simplifies Self-Help

April 07 18:37 2021

Waitsfield, VT, USA – April 7, 2021 – Certified Holistic Health Coach and author Karla J. Henry has released her new book, Simply Real: Your Guide to Creating a Happier Life in an Easy and Relaxed Way. Her book serves as a breakthrough for those who might be struggling with personal blocks or limiting beliefs. With a highly comprehensive and simplistic approach to self-help, the book offers vital tips and tools to help her readers find the power within themselves to grow, thrive and live a more fulfilling life.

Simply Real keeps it real from start to finish. Over the years, Karla has worked to imbue her practices with a sense of ease and fun. She believes that self-help, much like life itself, does not have to be complicated in order to be meaningful. Karla believes that people’s thoughts and beliefs manifest in their actions and create an energy that determines everything about them, from their mental and physical well-being. By attaining mental clarity and simplifying the way one tackles their thoughts and emotions, one can create a light and fun energy around them, which helps them to be gentle with themselves and live life with more happiness and fulfillment. From visualization of feelings to assessing childhood memories and traumas, the book also helps readers discover the positive impacts of journaling. Simply Real offers true-to-life advice that is tangible, effective and easily adaptable for anyone at any stage of life.

Karla J. Henry, BA, MSW, is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who aims to help everyone find their own light and unlock their true potential. Being a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Karla is an expert in practical lifestyle coaching, management techniques and much more. With many years of experience, Karla has honed her talents and developed unique techniques that have proven to be the most effective for her and her clients. She believes strongly in approaching each person with love and positive energy, while creating a happier life in an easy and relaxed way.

Currently living in Kingston, Jamaica, Karla works with people from all over the world. While her techniques supplement people’s growth and progress in life, she believes that each person has within them their own source of power and inspiration, which helps create truly sustainable and real results.

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